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Populating a session list template column with a session attribute:
Tealeaf enables the creation and tracking of up to 64 session-level parameters into
distinct session attributes. If desired, you can populate session list templates with
session attributes, which is useful for exporting session data.
Note: Columns populated by session attributes are sorted as text values.
Complete the following steps to add a session attribute to a session list template:
1. Create the session attribute, including populating it with values generated by
an event. See "TEM Session Attributes Tab" in the IBM Tealeaf Event Manager
2. In the Search Templates page, select the session list template in which to create
the session attribute search field.
3. Click All Columns. The Configured Session List Columns dialog appears.
4. Before a session list column is available for use in search templates, you must
create it. Click the + icon.
a. The Configure Session List Column dialog appears.
b. Specify a title for the column, which appears in the session list and its
c. From the Field drop-down, select Session Attribute Value.
d. The Attribute selector is displayed in the Configure Search Column dialog.
Click <Select an attribute.
e. Select the session attribute in the displayed list. Click Select.
f. Select the desired Operation from the drop-down.
v To export the values of the session attribute, select <Display Field
g. Click Save.
5. The selected session attribute is added to the list of available columns.
6. To add the new column to your template, select it and click Add to Template.
7. To save changes to the server, click Save.
You may also add session attributes as fields to your search template.
Building Searches via Encoded URL
This section describes how you can build an encoded URL to execute a specified
Note: The best method for building searches via encoded URL is to create and
execute the search through the Tealeaf Portal. When the desired results are
displayed, you may step back to the search page and click the Link to Search
button in the search toolbar to display the URL that creates the search. Users who
execute this search via URL may still be required to authenticate through the
Tealeaf Portal.
All parameters must be URL-encoded.
Required Arguments: template
Chapter 6. Configuring Session Attribute Search