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Issue 1.3
LUCIFER User Manual
Interactive Observing
The instrument can be fully controlled by three GUIs: the instrument- (Fig. 19), telescope- (Fig. 21)
and readout-GUI (Fig. 22). They all use the same kind of process: by pressing the commit button
after selecting the desired setup, the software collects all properties from the GUI and builds up a
setup which will be send to the appropriate software service and from there to the hardware. The
current setup is highlighted in green, while the configuration selected to be set next appears in yellow.
This allows the user to track the changes of the instrument set-up. When a set-up is being performed,
the full panel turns yellow.
Note: Should accidently a wrong filter, camera or grating have been selected, press the current green
button to discard your previous selection.
Figure 19: The LUCIFER instrument control GUI allows classical access to all relevant components
of the instrument.
The Instrument Control GUI
This GUI gives the user access to all instrument relevant parameters of LUCIFER. It consists of
several sub panels which are explained here in more detail.