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Issue 1.3
LUCIFER User Manual
Figure 20: The LUCIFER Calibration Unit GUI.
Note: If moving from one camera to the other, you notice the field is not centered again, it is most
probably because the camera wheel did not reach its position properly. In this case simply move to
another camera and then back. If needed, ask your LBTO support astronomer to re-initialise the
camera wheel, from the corresponding engineering panel, to which you do not have access as user.
Grating Panel From the grating unit panel the mirror position (for imaging) and three different
gratings can be chosen. Furthermore the current wavelength is shown and the text field Desired
Wavelength allows user input for new wavelength. The unit is in microns and the maximum meaningful
precision is 0.1nm. The desired grating has to be specified before the wavelength is typed in, since
the wavelength value is cleared when a new grating unit position is selected. After typing in a new
wavelength the user has to click the Set Wavelength button and of course the Commit button to
execute the setup change. When no wavelength i given, the selected grating is moved into position
but it will not be tilted to a defined angle. Use this option only when the desired grating is fixed,
machenically, to a nominal angle; as is currently the case for the 150 Ks grating.
Pupil Viewer Panel This is mostly needed for optical calibrational work and not necessary for the
normal observing mode.
Filter Wheels Here the user can choose the filters to observe with. When both filter wheels need
to be moved, filter wheel #1 is moved first before filter wheel #2 is moved. Keep this in mind when
making a manual set up to avoid going through 2 open (clear) positions.
Note: All combinations are possible but some might not meaningful, so please be alert.
Commit The Commit button is located on the upper right side of the GUI. Here the new setup
can be executed. As long as a component inside LUCIFER is still moving from a former setup, the
Commit button is blocked. The Initialize button is located left from the Commit button . After a
software restart this button has to be pressed to re-initialise all instrument functions. During normal
operations there is not need to use this button.
Alarm Status Panel Here the overall status of the environmental systems of LUCIFER is indicated.
A change in temperature or pressure will be indicated by a warning or an alarm, which is color coded
red. The latter one is very critical and requires an urgent system check by an instrument (engineer)