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Daisy Chain Downloading
Loading a User Electronic Signature
The JEDEC file contains User Electronic Signature (UES) data that you can edit or
read in from the board. Set a signature using hexadecimal or ASCII formats.
The transmission checksum is recalculated each time the UES
is modified.
Editing a UES
To edit a signature using hexadecimal characters:
1. Select Command ⇒ Edit File UES ⇒ HEX or the write UES icon from the ISP
Daisy Chain Download menu to edit a UES (Figure 3-19). The icon defaults to
hexadecimal format. You may also select the ASCII option. The Open .JED File
dialog box appears (Figure 3-20).
Figure 3-19. Command ⇒ Edit File UES ⇒ HEX Menu Option
ISP Daisy Chain Download Reference Manual