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Daisy Chain Downloading
Simulating ATE Functions
Using your PC, you can simulate ATE tester functions. By simulating the test vector
files, you insure that the test vector files will program correctly. Using a parallel port,
the simulation downloads the vectors from the ispVECTOR files to your devices.
The following items are the ATE Download Simulation options:
Type of ATE File – Includes the type of ATE vector file you will simulate. Lattice
Semiconductor supports the ispVECTOR file type as well as several third-party
testers. The ispVECTOR files have a .tst extension.
Find Time Only – Calculates the time that the dowloading process will take. When
this option is used, full simulation will not take place.
Base File Name of ATE File – Includes the base file name of the vector files you
want to simulate. Enter a name that is six characters or fewer. The ispDCD
software assumes your vector file is located in your current working directory.
Type in the same base file name that you used in the Output File Base field (vec).
Number of Files – Includes the number of files into which the ispVECTOR file was
split. The number of files is determined during the Command ⇒ Generate ATE
function. Check the Messages window for the number of files. There is no
limitation to the number of files.
To simulate ATE vectors:
1. Select Command ⇒ Simulate ATE Testing or the ATE SIM icon from the ISP
Daisy Chain Download menu. The ATE Download Simulation dialog box appears
(Figure 3-28).
Figure 3-28. ATE Download Simulation Dialog Box
Select a file type from the Type of ATE File drop box.
Click to disable the Find Time Only option.
Enter the base file name in the Base File Name of ATE File field.
Specify the number of files in the Number of Files field. There is no limit.
Click OK. Check the Messages window for a successful notice.
ISP Daisy Chain Download Reference Manual