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Daisy Chain Downloading
To automatically identify a ispJTAG chain with ispLSI devices and non-LSC JTAG
The procedure is exactly the same as if the chain contains only ispLSI devices.
However, if the non-LSC JTAG devices contain a non-JTAG compliant capture-IR
pattern, the scan will fail. Follow the procedures for creating a new configuration
beginning on page 29.
Detecting a Mixed Chain
If you want the software to scan a mixed chain configuration setup, use the
Configuration ⇒ Scan Mixed Chain command. This command scans the ISP chain
and the JTAG chain, and displays both chains in the configuration menu with a mixed
chain marker between them. Once the ispDCD software identifies this information,
complete the process by filling in the .jed file names and choosing the operation for
each ISP-programmable device.
To automatically identify the ISP devices:
1. Select Configuration ⇒ Scan Mixed Chain (Figure 3-31). The ispDCD software
detects the presence of JTAG devices and the Scan Board Configuration Setup
window appears (Figure 3-31). A mixed chain marker in the list separates the
ISP-programmable devices from JTAG devices.
Figure 3-31. Configuration ⇒ Scan Mixed Chain Menu Option
ISP Daisy Chain Download Reference Manual