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August 2014
The Voice of the Maryland Yacht Club
MYC Office: Monday thru Friday
8am - 4pm
Fuel Dock Hours:
9am - 4pm Monday-Thursday
9am- 6 pm Friday-Sunday
Bar & Lounge: Wed - 5pm10pm Friday - 5pm-12mn Saturday - 12-12mn Sunday - 129pm
Restaurant Hours: Wed 6pm-9pm Friday - 6pm-9pm
Saturday - 12–3pm
5:30pm-8:30pm Sunday - 12–
Lower Restroom Hours
7:00am to 8:00pm
Use your membership card
Outside of those hours
See Page 2
August 2014
Flag Officers
Emory Quaskey
Vice Commodore
Paul Dolan
Rear Commodore
David Perlman
P/C Arne Reistad
Barbara Franklin
Power Fleet Captain
Sail Fleet Captain
Larry Korpanty
Board Of Governors
Members at Large
David Derby
Winfried Wiegmann
Hal McClure
Sandy Pabst
Paul Mermelstein
Jim Ferrari
Immediate Past
Jim Gorman
Social Member Rep
Carl Treff
Membership Chair
Carl Treff
Dick Love
Maryland Yacht Club
“Best Kept Secret on the Bay”
Tony Russos
Matt Kristof
Volume CIII, Issue # 10
MYC Kedge Anchor
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August 2014
Affordable Rates!
Boat Slips, Pool, Bar and Restaurant!
Great friends and Social Events!
Easy Access to the Bay!
Phone: 410-255-4444
Or, Email Carl Treff, Membership Chair: [email protected]
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August 2014
Wow, what happened to June and July? Pam and I hope that it didn’t go as fast for you.
Thank you to all the members who attended the General Membership meeting on July 18 th
to vote on the by-law change.
Mel’s Gourmet cruise will be over by now. Hope that you were able to join in the socializing
of MYC members and good food. Thank you to Mel and Sharan and his helpers for a nice
So, what is happening at MYC in August-the 1st is Happy Hour and meeting and greeting
new members, the 2nd is the Kid’s Fishing Derby (good luck to everyone), and then on Sunday, the 3rd the Auxiliary is having bingo by the pool. What a busy weekend! Then, August
the 10th the club is sponsoring an Hawaiian Luau with food, music and Hula dancing.
Looking ahead, if you are interested in a New Years Eve Party at MYC, the Commodores
would like to hear from you and need a commitment from you before they can begin
In closing enjoy August whatever your plans.
Commodore Emory Quaskey
Maryland Yacht Club
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August 2014
Vice Commodore
From the Vice Commodore
Wow, time is flying by! It seems like it was spring just a minute ago and now it’s almost time
to send the kids back to school. Whirling Dervish has had an uneventful summer. After finishing with the openings this year I found that I need to have anew cutlass bearing installed. For
a full keel sailboat that means a haul out and the bearing is in the hull so a lot of work. This
will be a winter project for me.
I want to thank all of the members that came out for the general membership meeting in
July. It was good to have a constructive meeting.
Also a big thank you goes out to the Junior Sail Camp team. What a wonderful job these volunteers do for the club each year! Each year we introduce kids to sailing and boat handling
at MYC and help hone their skills on the water. MYC is doing its part in raising the next generation of boaters to be safe and skillful masters of their vessels.
Also, I would like to know if there is anyone interested and having a youth sports program at
MYC and would be willing to volunteer. By sports I mean sailing and getting into a couple of
races at other clubs. If you are please contact me at [email protected] or see me around
the club.
Of course one of our big events every year is Mel’s Cruise. Unfortunately we could not make it
this year as we like to do but I am sure everyone had a great time! This is one of the great unifying events of Maryland Yacht Club and what makes us the best club on the Bay.
Remember, if you have been having a good time at MYC this year let everyone know!
I look forward to seeing you all around MYC!
V/C Paul
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August 2014
A Look To the Rear
Message from the Rear
It’s the end of the July and
boating is now in full swing.
The pool is always filled now
with laughter and conversation. Laughter emitting from
the docks and water. as
friends are doing what we
all came here for, boating
and just enjoying ourselves
Notice the pictures strewn throughout the Kedge of members just
having fun and all of them smiling.
Dee Dee Dolan
Basin Director
Greg Pabst
Fuel Dock
Dave Itzel
Buildings and Grounds
Greg Franklin
Clubhouse and Food
P/HC Ken Valentine
Mel has had his great traditional dinner cruise in Rock Hall and many
members attended ( We missed as Donna had to tend to the newborn babies at work). Mel has done this for many years and should
be thanked and congratulated for organizing and executing this
great event for all members. Thanks Mel and Sharan.
Marketing and
Public Relations
P/C Warren Robinson
Greg has been working hard on sprucing up the physical parts of the
club and we are thankful for the obvious improvements. We are
lucky to have such a dedicated H&G Director. Show your appreciation by volunteering to work for an afternoon on one of his many
Jim Healy has volunteered to work on our persistent wi-fi issues.
Special thanks also to Vickie Dulko for organizing the great July 4th
get together ( who knew you could see fireworks from 10 places all at
once from the top of the hill) and also for Vickie stepping up to take
the leadership of Program Director. She needs help on her committee.
New Years Eve– As of now Donna and I have 20 couples who say
they are willing to ante up for the deposit for the band for New
Years Eve, In order for us to make this happen and reserve the band,
Program Director
Vickie Dulko
General Manager
Carole Suser
Office Manager
Nadine McEnaney
Executive Chef
Colin Suser
Ernie Jenkins
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August 2014
we will need to get at least 60 people in order to make this happen. This was a
great tradition when we joined the club, To be able to have New Years Eve in our
club with our friends and see them once boating season wound down was a great
time. There will be food stations set out all over the Clubhouse including a seafood,
international, carved beef and turkey, gourmet pasta, killer hors devours and a decadent surprise dessert table. This allows lots of mingling and reveling. You may
invite guests also. Your friends are our friends. The dress is semi formal. We will limit
the turnout to 120 so make you declaration ASAP before we fill up.
Lastly you will notice Haleakula gone from its home here at MYC as of August 14 for
3 weeks as we travel on our pilgrimage to the Long Island Sound and points north.
Our stops include Cape May ( twice) as its my favorite restaurant town, Barnegat
Light ( beautiful anchorage behind the lighthouse), Sandy Hook, past Lady Liberty
in the Harbor, the eye catching ride up the East River beside Manhattan ( and
Rikers) under 7 famous bridges like the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Whitestone and
out into the Sound under the Throgs Neck out past Execution Rocks. . Then we go to
Port Washington, Milford ( a first for us), Fishers Island and concluding this year at
Block Island before heading back stopping at Stonington and Northport as we come
back down the Sound. . Each year we pick a few new stops, some old favorites, and
an area to cruise in as its too much to do all at once and it keeps us returning. The
towns are charming and the seafood is great. There is nothing like a true lobster roll
on a split top hot dog bun, We have done parts of this with friends from here before
and always try and entice and welcome any MYC members to join us for all or part
of this trip every year starting in mid– August ( less crowds and fog). Think about
that for your vacation next year and join us for all or part of the trip.
Fair winds and calm seas,
Aloha and Mahalo,
R/C Dave Perlman
[email protected]
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Page 7
August 2014
From the Desk
of the Secretary
Just a very short note to let all our members know that
a copy of the General Membership Meeting minutes is
available in a blue binder located in the Clubhouse
Boardroom. The binder is located next to the copier
From the Yards
The summer is here in full swing and so far this year the weather has been great on the
weekends. I hope that everyone has had a chance to make use of at least some of these
days this season.
Don’t forget that we meet every Saturday after the third Friday for our Minivous. We
meet at the pavilion at 9:00AM to pick our destination and all head out for a communal
Sunday, September 7th is the scheduled date for our Regatta this year, please note the
change in date as that it previously had been scheduled on Saturday, the 6th. I pushed the
date back one day to allow for greater participation. This is an informal race, where we
sailors try to entice our Power Fleet brethren to join us as crew members. This is a great
opportunity to get on the water with people with whom you might not normally have the
chance to sail. Last year all participants had a great time, and win or lose, there is fun and
stories to be had. We will meet after the event at the club house for awards, cocktails,
and the obligatory excuses explaining why we did not win – and how the winner must
have cheated!
September also will be bringing us the anniversary celebration of our national anthem,
the Star Spangled Banner. There are all kind of events planned in the Inner Harbor area
from September 10th – 16th. Got to for more information.
Additionally, we will have period re-enactors visiting MYC that week. They are expected to have a period vessel with them and may perform a beach landing on our
grounds. Please watch for announcements from the club for more details.
Good winds and safe sailing to everyone.
Larry Korpanty
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Page 8
August 2014
Barbara Corkhill– Auxiliary President
We continue to work on the DJ Friday nights, our tentative date
for the first one is August 8th, stop by on that Friday night and enjoy so some music and dancing. We have also put together our
first “Beach Blanket Bingo” on August 3rd from 1:00pm to 4:00
pm at the pool.
Be on the lookout for the CRAB FEAST news, this year it will be
September 27th a flyer will be coming out soon to your email, so
make plans to join us this year. We will have a DJ coming and a
bigger variety of food on the menu. We will be posting the events
on the board in the lobby so don’t forget to check out upcoming
The Auxiliary is still looking for your recipes; we would like to ask
the members to submit your favorite recipes for everyday meals
or special boating recipes. We are working on an MYC Cookbook.
Please send your recipes to me at [email protected], or
drop them of at the club, It will be fun to see how many recipes
we can collect. Give us a little background of where you got it.
We are trying to be sure and meet all new members, if you are a
new member and haven’t met us yet, please stop by and introduce yourself. We love having new members and want to be sure
and welcome you! Most our members are always around on a
Friday nights. New or Not we would love to have all members
join the auxiliary. We meet the first Friday of each month, stop in
and check us out, we have a great group and would love to have
you join us.
The NEW “SHIP’S STORE” is up and running Stop
by the lobby and check out the order book
or talk to an Auxiliary Member for more
details and don’t forget to look in the
showcases for clothing and jewelry available for sale. We ask that payment be made to
the auxiliary by check when your order is
Barbara Corkhill
Vice President
Barbara Franklin
Cheryl Hook
Terri Shaffer
Pam Schuller
Members at Large
Mary Dolan
Nancy Gorman
Vicki Ferrari
Donna Perlman
Linda Grunder
Vickie Dulko
————————————-Web Master
Web Site Chairman
R/C David Perlman
By Laws Chairman
P/C Dick Love
Junior Sail Fleet
Carl Treff
Dave Marcia
Fleet Chaplain
Sue Love
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 9
August 2014
Social Eyes
By: Carl Treff
Social Member Representative
For the second year in a row, MYC is sponsoring the MYC Challenge Race as part
of the Rock Creek Racing Association’s summer schedule. On August 27th, any
MYC sailboat is invited to participate in a pursuit-style race. Starting out in the
river, but finishing right off our beach, the race is easily viewed from our hill, especially the exciting finish. We encourage MYC sailors to participate, and all members to spectate. We can help you get a PHRF rating for your boat. A trophy will
be awarded for the winner of the spinnaker fleet and the non-spinnaker fleet.
There will even be a new award called the “Blue Ribbon Award.” Memorializing
last year’s last place finisher, the award will recognize the perseverance and determination it sometimes takes to complete the journey. Keep smiling GP.
See you at the club,
Carl Treff
[email protected]
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 10
August 2014
Look for more information about Maryland Yachts Clubs own Star
Spangled Banner War of 1812 Re-Enactment here on our grounds.
( Word has it the British are landing and bivouacking here)
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Page 11
August 2014
Sandy Pabst
BOG Representative
Do I have news for you?! We’ve had some fun activities happening here at
MYC and more to come. Everyone who showed up for the movie night on
Saturday July 12th had a fun time. The movie was “Overboard” and Chef Collin kept with the theme and went “overboard” with a great menu for us to
The Commodore has asked that I remind everyone about the new reciprocal
agreement with the Engineer’s Club of Baltimore located at the Garrett Jacobs
Mansion in Baltimore. Members of ESB can enjoy our club and we can enjoy
there downtown club atmosphere of fine dining, and events, etc. Anyone who
wishes more information may visit their website at Please contact Nadine to make advance arrangements for your visit or dinner. The ESB
has a dress code so please visit their site before your visit. Their dress code for
summer is business casual- jacket not required until October 1st. They also
have some fun activities in August from their newsletter: Saturday Morning
Dance with Beginning Ballroom, Monthly Summer Crab Feast, Wine Society,contact me for further details as they also have a full calendar of events.
The turnout was super for the July 4th Potluck which hosted by Vickie Dulko.
We had a good old fashioned 4th of July picnic in the Pavilion. Vickie did such
a great job and has volunteered to be our new Programs Director. If you have
any fun ideas or would like to volunteer -Contact Vickie at [email protected] This will be my last Kedge article and I am handing over the keys
to Vickie. I will be on the Programs committee to continue to help with all the
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 12
August 2014
We have some fun and excitement coming up in August: In addition to the offerings
provided by the Auxiliary, Programs is offering the annual Luau which is scheduled for
August 10th. We had such a good time last year- we decided to do it again: Hula and
fire dancers, Hawaiian music, luau food, all for a fun, relaxing Hawaiian experience.
Check the News page for all the updated information.
On August 23rd will be a total family fun day starting off with the Kids Fishing Derby,
progressing to our first MYC Olympics which will be hosted by the Trivia Guru Mike
Ricigliano. MYC Olympics will include such events as corn hole, ladder golf, trivia, games
of skill and some other surprises. This will all take place in the Pavilion. We’ll be ending
the day/evening with a campfire with s’mores. Look for our signs posted around the
club announcing upcoming activities. If anyone would like to volunteer, donate prizes,
etc. for the fishing derby or provide ideas, etc. Please contact Vickie or me.
Looking to go to the Orioles game? I am trying to get a group together for an MYC
Night at Camden Yards.
Please support your club and attend any activities you can in order to get the most
from your membership.
We always for lots for you to do here at MYC and places throughout the area. Contact
Anyone in Programs - No pressure- all fun!
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 13
August 2014
From the Basin and Beyond– Greg Pabst—Basin Director
Dinghy Rack Final Notice
Any dinghy on any of the dingy racks without a current contract with the
club office will be removed and stored by the club and disposed of in a way
that benefits the club the most. We may make them available for purchase
to the highest bidder by a MYC member at an auction to be held at a time
to be announced after the second notice. , or donated to Living Classrooms
or the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels for a charity auction, maybe even handed to the US Navy for target practice, or simply
chucked in the dumpster.
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 14
August 2014
Building and Grounds
Greg Franklin– Director
Our summer projects are coming along and the club is looking better every day. The
roof for the D pier electrical shed has been replaced and the stairs to D dock have been
treated with sealant. The pump house roof is now being replaced and C dock electric
shed will be next. Once the heat breaks I would like to paint the electrical sheds the
same color scheme at the sail fleet building and the carrousel. If anyone would like to
volunteer for this please contact me. I will be sending an e mail blast out for help in the
days preceding painting day.
I hope to see everyone down at the club and I will send out an email blast when we get
ready to clear out some more of the brush from the top of the hill. If you have a project
or defect to report please remember to fill out a work request and get it to Carol.
Looking spiffy and shipshape
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 15
August 2014
We received notice of a wonderful opportunity to Go Boating.
Attached, please find the boating schedule that our group has put together for the summer. We try to do two trips a month and each trip has a host. The host boat only coordinates
calling the marina, making sure there are slips available. Each captain is responsible to call
and make their own reservations if they are interested in the trip. The host boat will usually
plan some activities or coordinate dinner reservations etc. If any MYC members decide they
want to go, we will need to know to keep them on the email list for the selected trip. Please
have the MYC members email Kimberly at [email protected] and she can make sure
they are kept in the loop for their trip. If anyone is interested in joining us for the week long
trip or part of that trip they will need to contact Kimberly ASAP.
Bruce and Kimberly Cohn
Rock n Roll
Bay Bandits
Boat Schedule
August 15-17
Aug 29-Sept 1
September 11-14
September 19-21
October 3-5
Herrington South
Labor Day Weekend (Cambridge, Oxord)
1812 Celebration–Baltimore Marine Center
Chesapeake City, MD
Fells Point Festival
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 16
August 2014
W e l c o m e t o M a r y l a n d Ya c h t C l u b
Newest Dining on the Porch
Outdoor Dining Menu
A la Cart Selections:
The Captains Angus beef Burger- 4oz fresh Angus sirloin, Kaiser roll ,choice of American,
Swiss, provolone, and cheddar cheeses…………………………..…………….…..…$5
The Double—add a second Angus patty to your burger for only ………...…………..$7
Pulled Pork Barbecue- house smoked, sweet and tangy sauce, Kaiser roll..…….$6
Da Jerk Chicken Mon!— Just like da islands! Authentic spices, Kaiser roll...…$6
Twin all beef Nathan’s Hotdogs- Coney Island style!— Two grilled all beef Nathans
hotdogs! Served with zesty all meat chili sauce.....................................................$6
Dinner Salads:
Large Garden Salad—crisp greens, garden vegetables, with choice of dressing…………………………………………..$6
The Caesar Salad—Crisp romaine, croutons, Reggiano cheese, Caesar dressing on the
Add Jerk chicken to salad for only ….$5
\Entrée Selections:
Sirloin Steak—9oz USDA choice grilled to your specifications….……………….$20
Grilled Bourbon Salmon-- Atlantic salmon, grilled and basted with our authentic sweet
bourbon glaze…………………………………………………………………………….$20
Da Jerk Chicken Dinner Mon!—Authentic spices, grilled peppers and onions, pineapple
The Crab Cake—Our all lump crab cake..............................................................$20
(All entrées include: choice of two sides)
Baked potato $3, garden salad $3, baked beans $2, coleslaw $2, and chips $2,
Apple pie, homemade brownies
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 17
August 2014
A contest to name the “new porch” dining area is being held. If you have a
clever or catchy phrase or name which you think will best capture this area’s
ambiance. Winner receives $50 toward one time towards food and beverage in the restaurant or porch. Only one entry permitted per member.
Submit entry names to R/C Commodore Dave Perlman at [email protected]
Deadline for submitting names is August 30.
Sail Fleet Mini-Vous– Worton Creek
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 18
August 2014
MYC Basin Wi-FI Status
There is one consistently recurring concern in every conversation I have about our club's wi
-fi system: “sometimes it's great, and sometimes is awful!” I have volunteered to work
with MYC Management and the club's outside IT contractor to find ways to achieve a
more consistent, reliable wi-fi service here at MYC. Members should know that the equipment the BOG has installed here at MYC is state-of-the-art, high quality equipment and
very much suitable for an installation like ours. So, what's the problem? Why the poor
All wi-fi systems are based on two-way radios. Desktop and laptop PCs, tablets, wi-fi capable cell phones and XBOX and Wii game consoles contain two-way wi-fi radios. These
end-user devices attach to special-purpose computers called “routers” which relay a connection to the Internet. At MYC, there are two such routers, one on “B” Dock covering
“A” and “B” and one on “C” Dock covering “C” and “D.” User devices will see the names
of these connections as MYC-BASIN. However, just being connected to MYC-BASIN does
not in itself assure access to the Internet.
All radio-based systems are subject to interference from other nearby radio systems. In
homes, for example, some wireless telephone and wireless security systems operate in the
same radio frequency range as wi-fi systems, and can interfere with home wi-fi systems.
The environment at MYC is far more complicated than a home, because there are many
more routers and individual devices “in the mix.” Neighboring facilities can cause radio
interference to each other. Resident and nearby anchored boats can unintentionally and
unknowingly cause interference to nearby systems. Even summer atmospheric conditions
can lead to intermittent radio propagation interference.
To compensate for these wi-fi range limitations, there are a variety of wi-fi power boosting devices which - used right - can extend the useful range of usable wi-fi. The range of
these devices over water can be truly astonishing. However, they can also cause significant radio interference in densely occupied public settings like MYC. Some boosters and
most modern routers have adjustable radio transmitter output power levels, and all require some responsibility on the part of their owners in order to avoid causing radio interference to neighbors.
There are three commercial facilities operating large wi-fi systems in close proximity to
one another here in Rock Creek; MYC, Fairview Marina and White Rocks Marina. MYC is
operating on wi-fi channel 1. Fairview is operating on wi-fi channel 11. White Rocks operates two systems, one on channel 6 and one on channel 1. Here at MYC, some individual
residents contract with Comcast or the telephone company for their own, private slip-side
Internet service. Just as in a home installation, these dock-side systems typically have a wi
-fi router which in turn exchanges data with the owner's PC/tablet/cell phone/game box,
etc. Even though they are not using MYC's wi-fi system, these private systems can and do
interfere with the MYC basin wi-fi system and the MYC basin system can interfere with
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 19
August 2014
Radio interference is a significant part of the Internet-access performance issue we experience here at MYC. Turning up the output power on a booster will not overcome
the interference; in fact, turning up the power will only make the level of interference
worse for everyone. If you have a power booster or a personal router operating here
at the club, it should be configured to operate on wi-fi channel 4 or higher, and set to
operate at the lowest possible power output level. Adjusting output power level is
usually done with settings in the device firmware. Consult the user manual for your
equipment to learn how to adjust output power level.
Radio interference is the most likely cause of our current performance problems, but
there are additional possibilities. I will be working in the coming days with our IT contractor to find and implement solutions. I will keep you posted on improvements and
progress in future Kedge updates.
Jim Healy
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 20
August 2014
Managers’ Report:
Enjoy August and all the Festivities!
Saturday Dining Schedule
Drink Specials
August 2 - Patio Dining 6:00pm – 8:00pm
August 9 – Clubhouse Open for Dinner
August 16 – Clubhouse Open for Dinner
August 23 – Olympics, Dinner and Campfire at the Pavilion
August 30 - Patio Dining 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Strawberry Tart
Huckleberry Lemonade
Blue Rocks
Club Events In August–
Mark your Calendars NOW!
Friday, August 1 - 5:30 – 6:30 – Happy Hour and New Member Meet and Greet
7:00pm – Auxiliary Meeting - Come join the Auxiliary as they plan many exciting events
Sunday, August 3 – Auxiliary Bingo 1 – 4 Poolside! How Fun!
Sunday, August 10 – Luau!!! RSVP today! The flyer is included to see mor e details
Wednesday, August 13 - Executive Committee Meeting
Friday, August 15 - Board of Governors Meeting
Friday, August 22 - 5:30pm – 6:30pm – Happy Hour at the Club
Featuring wine, drafts and rails and Free hors d’oeuvres from the kitchen
Saturday, August 23 - A full day of events!
Kids Fishing Derby with Er nie & Sandy 10:00am – 2:00pm –
Come watch the Kids reel them in!! This is a FREE Event for our members and
PLEASE RSVP we want to make sure all the kids have prizes & lunch
MYC Olympics - 4:00pm – Corn Hole, Flying Monkeys, Horse shoes. Trivia
Campfire & Seaside Stories 6:00pm Campfir e Dinner and Bar will be
Wednesday, August 27 – MYC and RCRA – Sail Races – Join the race or watch
from the hill A Bar or Cocktail staff will be available for the event.
Wednesday, August 27 – MYC and RCRA – Sail Races – Join the race or watch from the
hill A Bar or Cocktail staff will be available for the event.
Friday, August 29 – MYC and RCRA – Sail Races – Award Ceremony
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 21
August 2014
MYC Family Life
Happy Birthday – Please send your birthday
August 4 – Sandy Stevens
August 7 – Paul Itzel
August 18 – Holden Kernan – Son of Christie and Arne Reistad
August 19 – Mary Dolan
August 25 – Auxiliary President – Barbara Corkhill
August 28 – Charlene Itzel
August 31 – Joe Grunder
More August Birthday’s - Adrienne Croll and Ray
Kirchner Jr.
Happy Anniversary –
August 3 –
Please congratulate Commodore Jim and First Lady Nancy Gorman on 38 years of marriage
Please congratulate Peg and Jim Healy on 51 Years of Marriage!
Please, send birthdays, anniversaries, births awards, retirements and special events, now,
while you are thinking of it, or anytime of the year. (You may also send in for someone
else, they will be happy you did.) To: [email protected]
Pump-outs - You may have us put you on a weekly pump-out schedule or you may request a portable pump-out 48 hours in advance by emailing [email protected] or
notifying the office 410-255-4444 [email protected] or [email protected]
Dockage Assistance – Any members needing dockage assistance please feel free to hail
channel 9 and our dock staff will be happy to help. We monitor channel 9, 9:00am –
We Love Our Chesapeake Bay
Please join MYC and Clean Marina as we do our part in protecting our environment. To
get helpful tips, cleaner alternatives and learn more visit
More Upcoming Events - Events will be posted on the NEWS Page of the web site.
Clubhouse Closings- Saturdays – August 2, 23 and 30 Lunch service regular hours, the
clubhouse will be closed in the evening.
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 22
August 2014
It’s Summer and time to
Sunday, August 10, 2014
Cocktails 5:00pm
Dinner 6:00pm
Show 7:00pm
Featuring Polynesian Dancers, Costume Changes, and
Hula Lessons!
Our Bar will feature Polynesian favorites, Mai Tai’s and Guava Daiquiris
Dinner Buffet to feature a traditional Polynesian dinner such as:
Kalua Roast Pork, Shoyu Chicken, Teriyaki Kebob’s, Coconut Sweet Rice
and more, dessert included
Dinner Buffet $25.00 adults $10.00 children 9 and under
Please RSVP by August 5 [email protected] or 410-255-4444
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 23
August 2014
Other Notes of Interest
Reciprocity with Yacht Clubs – As a member of the Maryland Yacht Club, you have
reciprocity with other yacht clubs. There are 2 types of reciprocity. The first is simply
if a Yacht Club offers reciprocity it typically means, as a fellow Yacht Club member,
you will be allowed into their club, at a reduced rate or special arrangement for a limited period of time. Boaters who are not Yacht Club members are generally not allowed. To locate these clubs, in our boardroom, the Yacht Clubs of America book lists
Yacht Clubs by state and the CBYCA book is a roster of local clubs. When you find
the club you would like to visit, call them and see what their arrangement is, every
clubs policy is different.
The second type of reciprocity is among the “Big 6” Yacht Clubs General Managers.
These clubs include; Baltimore, Chesapeake, Kent Island, North East, Miles River and
MYC. The special rate available is $25.00 per night plus electric. The agreement is
that this rate will not apply to a cruise. Cruises are very welcome, but come at the
standard reciprocity rate. So, go out exploring, have fun and return to your home port
with wonderful tales from the sea!
Pump-outs - You may have us put you on a weekly pump-out schedule or you may
request a portable pump-out 48 hours in advance by emailing [email protected]
or notifying the office 410-255-4444 [email protected] or [email protected]
Old Ropes – If you have old Ropes or lines you no longer need, let Ernie know, he has
several projects where he can make use of them. So far we have received one donation, Thank You. [email protected]
Dockage Assistance – Any members needing dockage assistance please feel free to
hail channel 9 and our dock staff will be happy to help. We monitor channel 9, 9:00am
– 4:00pm
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Page 24
August 2014
Work Order Request Instructions
Requestor Instructions for completing Work Request Form:
Applicant Information: Give as much information so we may contact you.
Work Description:
Request Type: Select at least one check box indicating the type of wor k per formed
Work Request Description: Pr ovide as much detail about wher e and what
work you would like to be completed. Be as clear as possible and attach additional paper if necessary.
Signature: Requestor must sign and date. Electr onic Signatur e is acceptable if
you are emailing document.
Deliver or send request to the Office for review and approval by Director and General
Manager. You may send by email to [email protected] Work will not begin until approval
is granted.
Director and General Manager Instructions:
Director and General Manger review work request together, verify details are clear and that
the requestor has signed and dated form.
Director will contact requestor if clarification is needed.
Verify request does not violate or circumvent By-Laws. If it’s not clear then work must be
approved by Board of Governors.
Complete Approval Section.
Accept or Decline the request
Provide comments
Sign and Date
Forward to appropriate party for completing work if so approved
After work is completed, have the Maintenance Manager inspect the work, sign and date
the inspection section and provide final cost if applicable.
Director completes final inspection then signs and dates inspection section.
Update the General Manager and forward request to Office Manager for member billing if
necessary, and internal processing.
Office Manager Instructions:
Bill requestor or club as noted for final cost in the inspection section
MYC Kedge Anchor
Page 25
August 2014