Download HP 15-4010nr Maintenance and Service Guide

Remove the display panel (3) from the display enclosure.
The display panel is available using spare part number 700808-001.
11. If it is necessary to replace the display panel cable:
CAUTION: Before turning the display panel upside down, make sure the work surface is clear
of tools, screws, and any other foreign objects. Failure to follow this caution can result in damage
to the display panel.
Turn the display panel upside down with top edge toward you.
Release the adhesive support strip (1) that secures the display panel cable connector to
the display panel.
Disconnect the display panel cable (2) from the display panel.
Detach the display panel cable (3) from the display panel. (The display panel cable is
attached to the display panel with double-sided tape in two locations.)
Component replacement procedures