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Philips Walita Daily
550 W
Coconut filter
3 speeds
XL filter: Fresh coconut milk in 2 min
Also for high fibre fruits with stones inside
This special designed filter will help you to prepare fresh coconut milk in a practical way.
There is no need to use a seperate sieve to pass the milk through. After blending the
cononut flesh will stay in the filter.
Easy to use for everyone
• Anti spilling jar
• Integrated power cord storage
• Safety lock on both sides
Robust design for long lifetime
• 2 years warranty
• Anti-slip rubber feet for a solid base
• Unbreakable jar
Strong motor even crushes ice
• Strong 550 W power motor
• 3 Speeds to crush ice and extra coconut milk setting
550 W Coconut filter, 3 speeds
2 years warranty
Safety lock on both sides
Design specifications
Material housing: PP
Material blade: Stainless steel
Material blender jar: SAN
Color(s): White
General specifications
• Cord storage
• Speed setting: 3
Technical specifications
Locking indication on both sides to ensure the
blender jar is positioned and locked in a right and
safe way so that anyone can use it.
Philips Walita offers a full 2 years warranty for this
product to ensure you have long lifetime blender to
use every day.
Strong 550 W power motor
Power: 550 W
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Voltage: 127 V
Cord length: 1.0 m
Max Jar Capacity: 2 l
• Filter
• Coconut Filter + pusher
3 Speeds to even crush
The 3rd speed in combination with the coconut filter
will enable tyou to make fast fresh coconut milk. The
speed of the motor will ensure the coconut flesh is
cut very small to extract all the flavour.
Anti spilling jar
The 550 Watt motor is very powerful. It will chop
even the toughest ingredients such as nuts,
chocolate or even ice.
Unbreakable jar
A perfect flow of the juice out of the jar ensures no
spilling when poring due to special jar design.
Anti-slip rubber feet
This robust blender base comes with anti-slip rubber
feet to ensure it does not move, even when you use
it for heavy recipes at the highest speed level.
Integrated power cord storage
Save space with the handy cord storage system
under the housing of the blender.
Comes with a very strong plastic jar that withstands
intensive use.
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