Makita LD050P distance meter Download

Product information
Laser Distance Measure
Satisfying the professional’s needs
Power Source
Operating Temperature Range
100 g
2 x AAA
0 - 40 ºC
Storage Temperature Range
-25 - 70 ºC
Typical Measuring Tolerance
± 2.0/10 mm/m
Maximum Measuring Tolerance
± 3.0/10 mm/m
Diameter of Laser Point
6mm @ 10m
Range of Target Plate
50 m
Typical Range
40 m
Smallest Unit Displayed
1 mm
Measurements per batteries
Up to 3000
Protection Class
Memory stores up to last five displays.
Tracking function
Functions: Single Measurement
Functions: Minimum and Maximum Measurements
Functions: Addition and Subtraction of measurements.
Area calculation
Volume Calculation.
Pythagoras: 2-point and 3-point.
Details correct as of: 25-12-2013
Makita reserve the right to change specifications at any time owing to their policy of constant improvement.
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