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AWE79EU | Lap Chill Mini
Targus Compact Lap Chill Mat is a USB powered cooling mat for
your laptop. Compact and powerful this low profile design actively
cools the base of your laptop using two internal fans. The fans are
positioned below a ventilated surface which allows heat to
dissipate and air to flow around your laptop. Suitable for up to
15.6" laptops the Compact Lap Chill Mat is wrapped with soft touch
padding for increased comfort, making it ideal for use on your lap
or on a desk with its flat base and rubber pads keeping your
laptop stable. The wrap around USB cable and compact, low
profile design of the mat makes it easy to store.
Two USB powered internal fans for active laptop cooling
Vented upper casing for optimal airflow around laptop; allows heat to dissipate
Soft touch exterior padding in woven gabardine fabric; waterproof and highly durable
Flat base and rubber pads ensure laptop is stable whether on lap or desk
Wrap around USB cable for neat storage
Compact, low profile design ensures easy storage
Product Name
Lap Chill Mini
Exterior Dimensions
33.8 x 23.5 x 3.5 cm
Model Number
Street Cost
₤0 / €0
2 Year Limited Warranty
Black / Grey
0.591 kgs
Up to 15.6"
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.