Download Targus AWV1244US screen protector

AWV1244US | Targus Screen Protector with Bubble-Free
Adhesive for Kindle™ Fire
The Targus Screen Protector with Bubble-Free Adhesive for
Kindle Fire is designed to protect the eReader from
scratches and reduce the amount of fingerprints and
smudges visible on the screen. Featuring a specially
formulated adhesive, the protector is bubble-free, easy to
install and requires no liquid or solution for installation. The
Targus protector conveniently helps reduce glare for
heightened visibility, making the Kindle Fire more functional
while indoors or outdoors. Viewing clarity and overall
brightness remain the same, providing the utmost in quality
Designed specifically for Kindle Fire
Protects screen from scratches, film surface reduces fingerprints and smudges, anti-glare for easier
viewing; The easiest screen protector to apply and features bubble-free adhesive
Specially formulated adhesive is bubble-free; no liquids required to install; protector does not affect screen
brightness or touch sensitivity
Product Name
Targus Screen Protector Exterior Dimensions
8.60”H x 0.05”W x
with Bubble-Free
Adhesive for Kindle™
Model Number
Street Cost
0.96 oz
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.