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Frameless filters for notebooks
and desktop monitors
V7 Privacy Filters are excellent for open, high-traffic environments or wherever
on-screen data needs to be kept private. Screen data is visible only to persons
directly in front of the monitor without blurring or distortion. The filter darkens
on-screen information when viewed from the side.
The high-gloss finish sharpens contrast and helps to protect fragile LCD
screens from scratches and damage. V7 Privacy Filters are easy to attach and
remove, and can be left in place even when your notebook computer is closed.
Sizes are available to fit most laptop computers and desktop displays.
Available in 8 different sizes:
Model #
Diagonal Screen
Product Measurement
Length x Width inches/cm
12.15 in / 30.9 cm
10.29 X 6.46 in / 26.1 X 16.4 cm
14.11 in / 35.8 cm
11.96 X 7.48 in / 30,5 X 19.1 cm
15.43 in / 39.2 cm
13.08 X 8.19 in / 33,2 X 20.8 cm
15.6 in / 39.6 cm
13.37 X 6.64 in / 34.5 X 16.9 cm
17.06 in / 43.3 cm
13.32 X 10.66 in / 33.8 X 27.0 cm
19 in / 48.26 cm
16.06 X 10.05 in / 40.8 X 25.5 cm
19.01 in / 48.3 cm
14.83 X 11.89 in / 37,7 X 30.2 cm
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