Download Targus APS03US1 surge protector

APS03US1 | Targus Travel Power Outlets with Surge
The Targus Travel Power Outlets with Surge Protection
is a portable power strip that provides 4 outlets. Perfect
for travel, the power strip makes it possible to plug in
several devices when only one outlet may be available
in a hotel room or airport. The Targus Power Outlet is
the only travel size power strip currently available that
features surge protection to help keep electronics
protected from unexpected surges and spikes. The
outlets are also designed to accommodate larger plug
sizes to optimize the usage of each outlet. With its
compact design, the power outlets can easily fit into a
laptop case or luggage for added convenience. The
Targus Travel Power Outlets are ideal for traveling
professionals, students, or any individual requiring
additional power outlets to safely power or charge
electrical devices.
4 grounded 3prong type power plug with surge protection and an 8 power cable
Protects electrical devices from harmful power surges and spikes
Small form factor. Easily stores in small laptop cases or luggage
Outlets available to accommodate larger sized power adapters
Builtin overcurrent protection with manual resettable button
Features a cable strap for better cable management
330 volts
300 joules
Product Name
Targus Travel Power
Outlets with Surge
Maximum Electrical
Rating: 125V, 10A
Model Number
Maximum current surge
handling: 300 joules
Street Cost
Limited One Year
Exterior Dimensions
5.5” x 1.25” x 1.0”
0.5 lb
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.