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APA14CA | Targus Charger for iPad®
The Targus Charger for iPad allows users to charge an iPad and other
devices with USB charging capabilities through an AC outlet. The charger
includes one USB cable designed to work with an iPad, iPhone or iPod.
The charger can be used with other USB chargeable devices by
connecting the USB cable manufactured for that device. The integrated
AC plug folds down so it’s out of the way and the prongs are protected
when not in use. Once connected, the LED power indicator light lets
users know when their device is receiving power. Small and compact,
this charger takes up very little space in a travel bag and comes in handy
if you need an additional charger for the road.
USB wall charger that works with the iPadiPhoneiPod and other devices that also charge via USB; includes
one USB to 30pin cable
Small, lightweight and convenient; LED indicator light shows when the device receives power; integrated AC
plug; included cable can be used to sync iPad, iPhone or iPod with computer
Product Name
Targus Charger for
Exterior Dimensions
Model Number
4.76”L x 6.42”H x
Limited Two Year
Street Cost
5.28 oz
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.