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Product Specification Sheet
Targus Wireless Numeric Keypad
Part #: AKP11EU
Product Description:
The Targus Wireless Numeric Keypad allows users to
type numbers into spreadsheets and other applications
quickly and easily. The full-size 19mm concave keys
improve speed and accuracy by making it easier to locate
and press the numbers you are looking for. The integrated
ergonomic tilt provides added comfort which helps reduce
wrist strain after a long work day. Wireless technology
provides a cordless workspace allowing the keypad to
operate up to 2 metres away from the receiver. For added
convenience, the receiver stores inside of the device when
not in use so it is easy to locate whether in the office or
on the road. An integrated battery indicator light also lets
users know when batteries are low so they are sure to
have replacements when needed. An integrated ON/OFF
switch lets you further save battery power when not using
the keypad. The Targus Wireless Numeric Keypad
provides large comfortable keys which make it easy to
work on financial applications in the office or during travel.
Product Features and Specifications:
Functionality - Full sized concave keys are comfortable and large for increased accuracy;
great for those working on spreadsheets, accounting files and financial applications
Ergonomic - Ergonomic tilt provides support to help prevent wrist strain
Wireless - Wireless technology provides a cordless workspace and allows the keypad to
function up to 2m away from the receiver
Battery light - Battery indicator light lets users know when batteries are running low so there
are no surprises
Compatibility - PC, Mac and Netbook compatible
Product Name
Targus Wireless
Numeric Keypad
Model Number
System Requirements Win XP, Vista, 7, Mac
OS x 10.2 or later
Street Cost
₤0 / €0
2 years
Black and Grey
0.15 kg
Device Dimensions
12.7 x 8.9 x 2.5
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.