Acer P5260I Download

Hi-def wireless projection
The Acer P5260i lets you enjoy cable-free projection in various presenting environments,
for better meetings and more convenient multimedia viewing. Using the latest 802.11b/g
wireless technology, the Acer P5260i ensures lossless quality and instantaneous
projection of high-def video and images from anywhere in the room.
A high brightness rating of 2700 ANSI Lumens, native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, and
2000:1 contrast ratio bring out vibrant colors for a totally absorbing viewing experience in
all lighting conditions.
Acer P5260i
HD Wireless
Digital Connectivity
25 dBA
Feature Highlights
Projection system
Bright, realistic display
• Unique, elegant design
• Acer ColorBoost Technology
• XGA resolution
• 2700 lumens and 2000:1 contrast ratio
• DLP system design
Convenient usability
• Acer eView Management with
innovative Blackboard Mode
• Acer eTimer Management
• Acer eOpening Management
• Acer SmartFormat technology
• Acer Top-Loading Lamp design
• Acer InstantPack technology
• Automatic safety shutdown
• Quick signal detection
Multimedia excellence
• World-leading HD wireless projection
• Digital connectivity via an HDMI™ port
• Digital connectivity via a DVI-D port
• Dual D-Sub input
• Multi-PC connectivity
• Monitor loop through
• RS-232 port
• Microsoft Vista® compliant
Comprehensive functionality
• Longer lamp life (4000 hours)
• Low noise level
• Keystone correction (40° vertical)
• Digital zoom and pan
• Built-in speaker
• Alarm
• PIN security
• Sliding lens cover
• ECO mode
Aspect ratio
Contrast ratio
Displayable colors
Projection lens
Projection screen size
Projection distance
Throw ratio
Lamp type
Lamp life
Keystone correction
Projection mode
Ceiling mount capability
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Remote control
Noise level
Network interface
Native: XGA (1024 x 768)
Maximum UXGA (1600 x 1200)
WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050)
4:3 (native), 16:9
2700 ANSI Lumens (standard)
2160 ANSI Lumens (economy)
16.7 million colors
F / 2.41 to 2.55, f = 21.79 mm to 23.99 mm;
Manual zoom (1.1x) and manual focus
23 - 300 inches (58 cm - 762 cm)
3.3 - 39 feet (1.0 m - 11.9 m)
50 inches @ 2 m
Osram 200 W user replaceable P-VIP lamp
3000 hours (standard), 4000 hours (economy)
+/-40 degrees (vertical)
Front, rear, front-ceiling, rear-ceiling
One internal speaker with 2 W output
3.0 kg (6.6 lbs.)
299 x 229 x 93 mm; 11.8 x 9.0 x 3.7 inches
IR remote control with laser pointer, mouse and
PgUp/PgDn functions
31 dBA (standard), 25 dBA (economy)
802.11b/g wireless technology
Ethernet port (RJ-45) x 1
Wireless antenna connector (SMA) x 1
Acer ColorBoost Technology
Featuring an optimized 6-segment color-wheel design, powerful image processing, and advanced lamp
illumination technology Acer ColorBoost technology provides incredible color performance, never before seen in
conventional projectors. Brilliant color with a high contrast ratio presents ultra-vivid images for business
presentations, educational purposes, and home entertainment.
Acer SmartFormat Technology
Conveniently supports comprehensive wide-format PC signals. Users no longer need to worry about annoying
"Signal not supported" issues, nor must they change the resolution of their wide-format notebook.
World-leading HD Wireless Projection
HD Wireless
Wireless Solution
PnS Token
Acer projectors are the first to offer HD wireless projection, ensuring lossless quality and instant transmission of
high-def video and audio via the latest 802.11b/g wireless technology. Up to 1080i/720p resolution allows you to
view ultra-sharp, seamless fast-moving videos even on large screens, and an onscreen console enables one-click
connection with conference control for multiple presenters.
Plug & Show Token
The Plug & Show token provides installation-free wireless projection. Guests using the token for the first time can
instantly launch the projection utility and begin presenting without pre-installing any software or drivers on their
notebook. Users can create more Plug & Show tokens via a USB flash disk, allowing easy access and compatibility
for multiple guests.
Acer Quad-View Technology
Acer Quad-View technology divides the projection screen into four, allowing content from different PCs to be
displayed simultaneously. Multiple users can easily connect to the wireless projector using their own tokens.
Acer Top-Loading Lamp Design
The lamp module is now top-loaded, as opposed to the conventional bottom-loading design. Hence, even
when the projector is ceiling-mounted, the user can easily replace the lamp module without detaching the
projector from the ceiling.
Instant Pack
If the user is in a hurry to leave, the power cord can be unplugged right after the projector is turned off,
without any resulting damage. There's no need to wait for a cooling period; the user can pack up the
projector and leave immediately.
S-video mini DIN
USB connector for remote
computer control
RS-232 port
3.5 mm audio mini jack
wireless antenna
Composite video RCA jack
15-pin D-Sub for monitor loop through
15-pin D-sub for PC analog signal/
HDTV/component video input
29-pin DVI-D port
19-pin HDMI™ port
3.5 mm audio mini jack
Ethernet (RJ-45) port
AC-in jack
Kensington lock slot
Reset button
Wireless power button
Hi-def wireless projection
Acer Projector P5260i Quick Spec