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Product Specification Sheet
Bluetooth Presenter For Mac
Part #: AMP11EU
Product Description:
The only wireless presenter dedicated to Mac users.
Versatile and easy to use, the Targus for Mac Bluetooth
Presenter does double duty as a presenter or cursor
controller. The intuitive button layout won’t distract from
the task at hand and the cursor moves smoothly with a
swipe of your finger thanks to 4-way Touch-scroll
technology. Dual programmable buttons allow individual
customisation for one-click access to selected functions
or applications.
Product Features and Specifications:
Mode Switch — Changes between presentation or mouse mode
Optical Touch Scroll - provides 4-way scrolling and 360° scrolling for images, maps, etc.
Bluetooth Wireless Connection – 10 meter range, no receiver required, uses the notebook’s
2 Programmable buttons - for individual personalization
Simple – forward / back, dark screen and laser button layout
Product Name
Bluetooth Presenter For Material
Model Number
System Requirements Mac OS X 10.4 or Later
Street Cost
₤0 / €0
2 Years
Lunar grey
0.06 kg
Device Dimensions
13 x 4.3 x 2.4 cm
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.