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Product Specification Sheet
Targus DEFCON® A.R.T. Security Plate (10-Pack)
Part #: ASP40US
Product Description:
The Targus DEFCON® A.R.T. Security Plate is a theft
deterrent and equipment tracking solution that utilizes a
patented tattoo process to permanently etch a laptop or
other electronic device making it difficult to resell. The
plate is applied with an adhesive so strong that removal of
the plate will alter the surface of the equipment’s case; if
the plate is removed a chemically etched mark that
cannot be removed without damaging the device is
revealed. Each security plate includes a unique bar code
that is linked to the owner’s tracking information and
Targus has partnered with Stop to provide free tracking
service for the life of the device so registration is only
required once. If a registered device is found a call to the
800 number on the plate starts the process of recovering
the equipment and returning it to the registered owner.
Designed for corporate use, the Targus DEFCON A.R.T
Security Plate makes it easy for a company to mark and
track their devices to promote honest usage and deter
Product Features and Specifications:
Visual Theft Deterrent - Security plate permanently marks a device to help prevent theft; A
potential thief may bypass a marked computer for one that is easier to resell
Patented Tattoo Process - Chemically and indelibly etches the device
Equipment Recovery & Tracking - Enables a safe return for lost, stolen or misplaced
items. Recovery handled through Stop Security Tracking via the 800 number or the web;
Service allows the owner to keep track of equipment from any web browser
Lifetime Services and Support No annual renewal or additional fees, register once and
receive lifetime support
Product Name
Targus DEFCON®
A.R.T. Security Plate
Limited Lifetime
Model Number
3.84 oz
Street Cost
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