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Product Specification Sheet
Targus Mobile Power Inverter
Part #: PAPWR005U
Product Description:
The 90 Watt Targus Mobile Power Inverter is the perfect
AC and DC power source for anyone who travels in an
RV, car, airplane, or boat. The unique design of the power
inverter allows you to lay the product flat on its side or
inside a cup holder. A single AC outlet powers and/or
charges a notebook, portable DVD player, game console
and other AC accessories while the cigarette lighter
socket provides DC power. "Plug-in" power eliminates the
need for spare batteries and the built-in surge protection
allows for safe usage during car start-up and shutdown.
The Power Inverter also features a 36-inch, “no tangle”
cord. So now, it's easy to power up wherever you go!
Product Features and Specifications:
Power on-the-go: Using a standard cigarette lighter, power your notebook, DVD player,
game console, digital camera, cell phone, CD player or other electronic device
Battery management system: Built-in surge protection and auto shut off to prevent damage
or draining your battery
Convenient design: Fits in any standard cup holder or lays flat on any surface
Product Name
Targus Mobile Power
Output power-
90 watts
Model Number
Input voltage-
10.8V DC-15.8V DC
Street Cost
Input current-
10A max
Product information
Surge protected
One (AC) + One (DC)
Limited Two Year
2.25”x 2.25”x 6”
15.7 oz
Output voltage-
120V AC, 60 Hz
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.