Download Targus Retractable RJ11/RJ45 Cord

Product Specification Sheet
Targus Retractable Phone & Ethernet Cord
Part #: PA225U
Product Description:
The Targus Retractable Phone & Ethernet Cord is a
convenient, inexpensive alternative to bulky telephone and
Ethernet cords. This retractable combination cord
protects RJ-11/RJ-45 clips and puts an end to the tangles
of loose cords. Simply pull one end and the cord easily
extends up to 6.56 feet. A self-retracting mechanism
makes it easy to reel the cord into its small and portable
storage container, while the couplers can be easily stored
in the unit’s housing. This retractable phone & ethernet
cord fits right in your pocket!
Product Features and Specifications:
Connect Anywhere: Small and convenient; reels up in seconds
Ethernet or phone capable: Quick-release couplers convert RJ-45 to RG-11 clips so your
notebook will connect to analog modems or Ethernet networks
The right length: An automatic spring-loaded retractable cord ensures the right amount of
cord for whatever the use
Product Name
Targus Retractable
Phone & Ethernet Cord
Cable length: 6.56 ft.
Model Number
Limited One Year
Street Cost
2.5 oz.
Connector type: RJ-11
and RJ-45
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.