Download Philips SCD910 Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror
Encourages baby's first
sounds and words
Sounds and images softly fade away
• Replays pre-recorded soothing sounds for babies
• Your baby hears your voice while falling asleep
A fun way for your baby to learn
• Records and replays your baby's voice
Totally safe to play with
• Unbreakable mirror uses flexible plastic instead of glass
• Complies with all relevant toy and safety standards
Magic Mirror
Technical specifications
• Complies with: EU & USA Toy regulation
Audio playback
• Included accessories: Battery
• User manual
• Automatic playback
Audio recording
• Automatic recording
• Pre-recorded sounds
• Recording time: upto 6 s
Battery type: AA
Number of batteries: 3
Operating time on battery: 10 hour(s)
Weight and dimensions
• Product dimensions (W x D x H): 24 x 7.5 x
28.5 mm
• Automatic shut-off
Logistic data
• EAN F-box
Pre-recorded animated sounds
Each button triggers a friendly sound, inviting your
baby to reach for buttons and develop its hand-eye
Record your own voice
Give your baby the pleasure and reassurance of
hearing your voice or enjoying a familiar bedtime
story as he or she falls gently asleep.
Records and replays your baby's voice
Your baby's voice activates the Magic Mirror, and a
few seconds later it is played back. Allowing babies
to hear their own voice while they see their face,
encourages them to experiment with sound and
Unbreakable mirror
Even when thrown on the ground or slammed
against a wall, there's no danger of this mirror ever
breaking because it's made flexible plastic.
Complies with toys standard
The products that comply to the toys standard have
been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet these
norms and are totally safe.
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