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Satinelle Ice Premium
Gentlest epilator with ice and sonic massage
First ceramic epilator with premium ice cooler and sonic massage system.
Minimises pulling sensation
• Sonic massage system
Reduces skin irritation
• Hypoallergenic discs
Washable epilation head
• Washable epilation head
Catches shortest hairs
• New ceramic epilation system
Ice cooler for ultra gentle epilation
• Premium ice cooler with pivoting head
Hypoallergenic discs
Premium ice cooler
Ceramic epilation system
2 speed settings
Pivoting ice cooler
Sonic massage system
Cleaning brush: For easy cleaning
Luxury storage pouch: For storage & protection
Insulation sleeve: For convenient handling
Exfoliation body puff: Fewer ingrown hairs
Detachable shaving head: For a smooth shave
Delicate area ice cooler: For delicate body areas
Technical specifications
Reduce risk of allergic skin irritation, taking extra
care of your skin.
New ceramic epilation system
The patented ice cooler soothes the skin reducing
the unpleasant feeling of epilation. Its pivoting head
follows every curve of your body for optimal cooling
and less pain.
Sonic massage system
Thanks to its unique ceramic material and ergonomic
shape the epilation head catches more hairs ensuring
up to 20% faster* epilation. *Compared to Philips
Satin Ice.
High-frequent massaging minimises the pulling
Washable for extra hygiene
For extra hygiene and easy cleaning.
Issue date 2009-04-28
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12 NC: 0000 000 00000
Voltage: 100–240 V
Motor: DC 14 V
Number of discs: 13
Number of catching points: 24
Power consumption: 6 W
Power source: AC-RC (mains)