Download Targus Universal Monitor Stand PA235

Product Specification Sheet
Universal Monitor Stand
Part #: PA235E
Product Description:
The Universal Monitor Stand allows you to regain valuable
desktop space by elevating your external monitor to a
more ergonomically correct height and housing your
notebook computer and docking station in the same
space that your monitor used to occupy. To access your
notebook you simply pulling out the convenient sliding
tray. The open architectural design provides quick access
to all of your notebook computer’s PC Card slots, bays,
diskette and DVD/CD-ROM drives. The stand will support
an external monitor weighing up to 40 Kg. It also includes
a riser that will allow the customer to raise the monitor
stand height (from 85 mm to 136 mm). This stand is
perfect for the home or the office.
Product Features and Specifications:
This is a Targus global product
Saves valuable desktop space
Elevates external monitor to a more ergonomic height
Convenient slide-out tray
Open architectural design offering easy access to the notebooks slots, ports & bays
Supports an external monitor weighing up to 40 Kg
Product Name
Universal Monitor Stand Depth:
35.5 cm (tray retracted)
57 cm (tray extended)
Model Number
8.5 cm (min)
13.6 cm (max)
Street Cost
₤30 / €45
40.5 cm (front opening)
36.5 cm (back opening)
Black with silver legs
35.5 cm (tray retracted)
57 cm (tray extended)
11.5 cm (min)
16.5 cm (max)
Two Years
2.5 Kg
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.