Trust 2.1 Sound Station for iPod SP-2994Wi Download

Key features
High quality 2.1 stereo speakers for iPod with wireless remote
control, 35 Watt total RMS power output, docking­ and charging
2.1 bass reflex design providing astonishing deep bass reproduction
and exceptional high realistic sound quality
Made for iPod: Simply plug in your iPod into the integrated dock
connector and start listening
Full docking station functionality: plays music, recharges your iPod
and capable to download files from PC or notebook without (dis)
connecting cables
Sit back and relax while you take full control of your iPod's content
with the wireless remote
Remote control functions with most common used functions Power
on/off, Menu, Menu up/down, Select, Previous/Next, Play/Pause and
Volume close at hands
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2.1 Sound Station for iPod SP­2994Wi
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