Download Targus ACC82EU cable for computer and peripheral

Product Specification Sheet
Detachable 3-IN-1 Ethernet, phone and USB cable
Part #: ACC82EU
Product Description:
Stay connected on the road with the pocket-sized Targus
Detachable Ethernet, phone and USB Cable. This 3-in-1
retractable cable manages multiple connections with a
single, mobile unit. The combination of telephone,
networking, and USB retractable cable connects to most
USB peripheral devices and networks.
Designed to be compact and light for easy mobility, this
cable also features DualPlug technology offering both
telephone (RJ11) and LAN (RJ45) cables in one
connection as you can switch from one to the other by
simply sliding out the sleeve without the need for any
additional adapters. To complete the list of impressive
capabilities, the detachable feature provides even more
flexibility for users. This enables the unit to be split into
two separate units, providing a USB cable and
Networking/Phone cable. All your essential connections
in one user friendly solution.
Product Features and Specifications:
Phone, Ethernet and USB connection: Quick-release adapters convert Ethernet (RJ-45) to
telephone clips (RJ-11); also includes USB 2.0 cable
Retractable and detachable cables: Cables retract and adjust to the desired length; cables
can also be detached for simultaneous use
All-in-one unit: Connect to Ethernet networks or analogue modems and USB devices at the
same time
Product Name
Detachable 3-IN-1
Ethernet, phone and
USB cable
2 years
Model Number
Street Cost
₤0 / €0
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