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BacPac Rain
14.0" - 15.4"
Sporty Notebook backpack with rain protection
In rain or sunshine - BacPac Rain protects your Mobile
Computing Equipment from unpleaseant surprises. The
integrated rain cover in the floor of the bag provides perfect
protection from moisture. The water-repelling hull is simply
pulled over the backpack!
Your Notebook is securely protected in the cushioned
Notebook compartment! The attached front pockets offer
enough room for documents, mobile accessories, power
supply units, carabiner hooks as key chains, etc.! The side
opening for headphones allows you to use your telephone or
listen to music which keeps your hands free! The adjustable,
cushioned shoulder strap as well as the back cushioning make
carrying this bag a true pleasure!
Cushioned Notebook compartment. internal compartments for
documents and mobile accessories. additional front pockets
for mobile phone, pens and additional accessories. side
pockets with mesh net. integrated, water-repelling rain cover.
side opening for earphones for mobile, etc.. adjustable,
cushioned, shoulder straps. back cushioning. carabiner hooks
as key chain.
Art. Nr.: N7198P (brown)
N7048P (blue)
Material: Polyester
For Notebooks up to: 280 x 330 x 60.0 mm / 11 x 13 x 2.4 inch
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