Targus DEFCON™ Fingerprint Authenticator™ With USB Hub Download

Authenticator™ with USB Hub
Notebook Computer
Your fingerprint is your password
The DEFCON Authenticator™ is
small enough for a notebook
user to carry and features an
attachable USB cable for
those desktop users who
want to permanently leave
their unit on their desktop.
In addition to a biometrics
device, a two port USB
hub is integrated in this
latest DEFCON product,
allowing the user to
simply plug in your USB
mouse and USB
Model #PA460E
keyboard into the
DEFCON Fingerprint unit.
Key Features
• Fingerprint biometric authentication
• Fingerprint sensor features
TruePrint™ technology
• Omnipass software – offering
password management &
document/folder encryption
• USB cable for desktop application
• Light and small with integrated two
port USB hub
• No more passwords
• Two year warranty