Download Miele F12011 S-1 freezer

Do not use defrosting sprays or
de-icers, as they could contain
substances which could damage
the plastic parts and which may
cause a build-up of gases and pose
a danger to health.
After defrosting
^ Use a sponge or towel to soak up
any water from defrosting still in the
^ Clean the appliance, and then dry it
^ Close the appliance door. Reconnect
to the mains and switch the
appliance back on.
^ Switch on the Super freeze function
so that the freezer can cool down
quickly. The indicator light will come
^ Once the temperature in the freezer
is sufficiently low, place the food
back in the freezer drawers and put
them back in the freezer.
^ Switch off the Super freeze function
when the temperature in the freezer
is a constant -18 °C or colder.
The indicator light will go out.