Download Miele KM 6388

How the hob is operated
The glass ceramic hob is equipped with
electronic sensor controls which react
to finger contact. For safety reasons, in
order to switch the hob on, the On/
Off  sensor needs to be touched for a
little longer than the other sensors.
A tone sounds each time a sensor is
When the hob is turned off, only the
symbols for the On/Off  and System
Lock/Safety Lock  sensors are visible.
When you switch on the hob, all other
sensors light up. When you switch a
cooking zone on, the  sensor lights up
in brightness level 2, and the  through
 sensors light up in brightness level 1.
When you set a power level, the  sen‐
sor up to the set power level light up in
brightness level 2.
If the booster or keeping warm function
is set, the corresponding sensor lights
up in brightness level 2.
Malfunction due to dirty and/or cov‐
ered sensors
If the sensors are dirty or covered
this could cause them to fail to react,
to activate a function or even to
switch the hob off automatically (see
"Safety switch-off"). Placing hot
pans on the sensors/indicators can
damage the electronic unit under‐
Keep the sensors and indicators
clean and do not place anything on
top of them. Do not place hot pans
on them.