Download Miele KM 6388

Safety features
Safety switch-off
Safety switch-off with an overlong
cooking time
The safety switch-off mechanism is
triggered automatically if one of the
cooking zones is heated for an unusual‐
ly long period of time. This period of
time depends on the power level selec‐
ted. Once exceeded, the cooking zone
switches off and the residual heat indi‐
cators appear. The cooking zone can
be operated again after it has been
switched off and back on.
Safety switch-off if the sensors are
Your hob will turn off automatically if
one or several of the sensors remain
covered for longer than 10 seconds, for
example, by finger contact, food boiling
over or by an object such as an oven
glove or tea towel.  flashes in the timer
display and a buzzer sounds every 30
seconds for 10 minutes.
When you remove the objects or soil‐
ing,  goes out, the buzzer stops, and
the hob is ready for use again.