Targus Privacy Screen 12" Microsoft SurfacePro 3 - Clear Download

Privacy film for tablet (2-way)
• Do not exert excessive force or use an abrasive cloth when cleaning the surface of the privacy screen
• Do not bend the privacy screen
Open Size: 177.8W x 215.9H mm
Diecut Color: Grayscale
October 7, 2014 3:54 PMAST001EU-A_UG_100714
1. Clean tablet screen and place the privacy screen on the table, preferred viewing side down.
2. Remove a short adhesive strip from liner.
3. Attach to the end of one of the long adhesive strips.
4. Pull the long strip up while holding onto the short strip.
5. Position the long adhesive close to the edge of screen, centered vertically.
6. Apply pressure firmly along length of strip, removing any air bubbles.
7. Pull back on the remaining short piece of adhesive to remove the blue plastic from the long adhesive strip. Once removed, the long adhesive strip should remain on the privacy screen. Repeat steps 2-7 to apply adhesive strip to the other end of the privacy screen (same side).
8. Position the privacy screen on your tablet starting at the bottom. Press along adhesive to securely attach.
TO “REFRESH” ADHESIVE STRIPES: Remove the privacy screen from your tablet, then rinse the privacy screen under running warm water,
rubbing adhesive lightly with your finger to remove debris. Gently fan filter to dry. Or use transparent tape to remove surface debris.
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