Download Miele G 5280 SCVi

The Miele waterproof anti-leak
Providing your dishwasher has been
installed correctly, the Miele waterproof
anti-leak system will protect you from
water damage throughout its lifetime.
Connection to the water
,Water in the dishwasher must
not be used as drinking water.
– The dishwasher may be connected
to a cold or hot water supply, max.
60 °C. We would only recommend
connection to a hot water supply if it
is economical, e.g. a solar powered
supply. When connected to a hot
water supply all programme stages
which would otherwise be carried out
with cold water will be carried out
with hot water.
– The water pressure (flow pressure at
the take-off point) must be between
30 and 1000 kPa (0.3 and 10 bar).
If the water pressure is too high, a
pressure reducer valve must be
After connecting the dishwasher to
the water supply, check that all
plumbing connections are
,To avoid any damage to the
appliance, the dishwasher must only
be connected to a fully vented
plumbing system.
– The inlet hose is approx. 1.5 m long.
A 1.5 metre long flexible metal
extension hose, pressure tested to
14,000 kPa/ 140 bar, is available as
an optional accessory if required.
– A stopcock with a 3/4" male thread
must be provided on site.
– This appliance is constructed to
comply with IEC/EN/DIN 61770 //
VDE 0700 Section 600, and may be
connected to a suitable supply
without an extra non-return valve if
national regulations permit.
! The inlet hose must not be
shortened or damaged in any way
as it contains electrical components
(see illustration).