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2012年1月5日 木曜日 午後1時2分
∫ 7.1ch Audio Reformatting
Surround sound with 6.1ch or less is
automatically expanded and played back at
≥ If “Off” is selected, sound is played over the
original number of channels. (Note that in the
case of 6.1ch audio, playback will be at 5.1ch.)
≥ Audio reformatting is enabled in the following
– When you have selected “PCM” in “Digital
Audio Output”.
– When the audio is Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital
Plus, Dolby TrueHD or LPCM.
– BD-Video playback
∫ High Clarity Sound
When connected to TV via the HDMI terminal for
outputting image, it produces clearer sound.
≥ Select “Enable” to use “High Clarity Sound” or
“High Clarity Sound Plus” in the Option menu.
(> 28)
∫ Audio Delay
Synchronization between picture and sound is
corrected by adjusting the delay time of the audio
∫ Soundtrack Preference
Choose the language for audio.
≥ If “Original” is selected, the original language of
each disc will be selected.
≥ Enter a code (> 41) when you select “Other
∫ Subtitle Preference
Choose the language for the subtitle.
≥ If “Automatic” is selected and the language
selected for “Soundtrack Preference” is not
available, subtitles of that language will
automatically appear if available on that disc.
≥ Enter a code (> 41) when you select “Other
∫ Menu Preference
Choose the language for the disc menus.
≥ Enter a code (> 41) when you select “Other
∫ Subtitle Text
Select a suitable item according to the language
used for DivX or MKV subtitles text.
≥ This item is displayed only after playing back a
∫ On-Screen Language
∫ 3D BD-Video Playback
Select the playback method of 3D compatible
video software.
Choose the language for menus and on-screen
∫ 3D AVCHD Output
Select the output method of 3D AVCHD videos.
∫ 3D Type
Select the format of the connected TV.
≥ Change the settings for 3D on the TV also
when “Side by side” is selected.
∫ 3D Playback Message
Set to display or hide the 3D viewing warning
screen when playing back the 3D compatible
video software.
∫ Manual Settings
(> 28)
∫ Graphic Display Level
(> 28)