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The following messages or service numbers may
appear on the TV or unit’s display.
On the television
Cannot play.
¾ You inserted an incompatible disc.
Cannot play on this unit.
¾ You tried to play a non-compatible image.
¾ Confirm “SD” on the unit’s display is not
displayed and re-insert the card.
No disc inserted.
¾ The disc may be upside down.
$ This operation is not available.
¾ Some operations are unsupported by the unit.
For example;
– BD-Video: During playback, reverse
slow-motion or reverse frame-by-frame is
not possible.
IP address is not set.
¾ The “IP Address” in “IP Address / DNS
Settings” is “---. ---. ---. ---”. Set the “IP
Address”, “Subnet Mask”, and “Gateway
Address”. (Select the automatic address
acquisition if necessary.)
The wireless access point currently has a low
network security setting. It is recommended to
change to a higher setting.
¾ Authentication type for the wireless LAN is set
to “Open system”, or the encryption type is
set to “No encryption”. It is recommended to
encrypt for safety reasons. For details, refer
to the instructions of the wireless router being
used. Encryption is required when playing
back video, etc., from DLNA compatible
On the unit’s display
¾ The unit fails to operate properly. Press [Í/I]
on the main unit for 3 seconds to switch the
unit to standby, then switch back on.
¾ Some BD-Video discs can only be output with
¾ While connecting to a network.
¾ There is a viewing restriction on a BD-Video
or DVD-Video. (> 33)
¾ The media is dirty or badly scratched. The
unit cannot play.
¾ The unit is carrying out internal process. This
is not a malfunction. You cannot operate the
unit while “PLEASE WAIT” is displayed.
¾ The USB device is drawing too much power.
Remove the USB device.
(“ ” stands for a number.)
¾ The remote control and main unit are using
different codes. Change the code on the
remote control.
Press and hold [OPTION] and the following
button at the same time for more than
5 seconds depending on the indication.
SET 1: the green button
SET 2: the blue button
SET 3: the yellow button
¾ The unit is hot.
The unit switches to standby for safety
reasons. Wait for about 30 minutes until the
message disappears.
Select a position with good ventilation when
installing the unit.
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