Download Sony HDR-PJ740VEB

standard. If you do, you may not be able to
remove the disc from these devices.
This camcorder captures high definition footage
in the AVCHD format. Using the enclosed
PC software, high definition footage can be
copied onto DVD media. However, DVD media
containing AVCHD footage should not be used
with DVD based players or recorders, as the
DVD player/recorder may fail to eject the media
and may erase its contents without warning.
When you access the camcorder from the
computer, use the built-in “PlayMemories
Home” software. Do not modify the files or
folders on the camcorder from the computer.
The image files may be damaged or may not be
played back.
Operation is not guaranteed, if you operate the
data on the camcorder from the computer.
The camcorder automatically divides an image
file that exceeds 2 GB and saves the parts as
separate files. All image files may be shown as
separate files on a computer, however, the files
will be handled properly by the import function
and the playback function of the camcorder or
the “PlayMemories Home” software.
Use the built-in “PlayMemories Home” software
when you import long movies or edited images
from the camcorder to a computer. If you use
other software, the images may not be imported
When you delete image files, follow the steps
on page 53.
To create a Blu-ray disc
You can create a Blu-ray disc with a high
definition image quality (HD) movie
previously imported to a computer.
To create a Blu-ray disc, the “BD Add-on
Software” must be installed.
Visit the following URL to install the
Your computer must support the creation of
Blu-ray discs.
BD-R (unrewritable) and BD-RE (rewritable)
media are available for creating Blu-ray discs.
You cannot add contents to either type of disc
after creating the disc.
To play back a Blu-ray disc that has been
created with a movie that was recorded in [50p
] image quality, you need a device
that complies with the AVCHD Ver. 2.0 format.