Download Western Digital TV Live

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player
User Manual
Step 3 - Connecting a USB Device (Optional)
The media player has two USB ports that support playback from WD USB external
* For a list of supported WD external drives, see article #5688 in or knowledge base at
To connect the USB device:
1. Connect the USB device to either of the media player’s USB ports.
My Book® external hard
drive (sold separately)
2. Wait for a few moments while the media player scans the USB device for media
files. (Scanning is enabled by default. If you want to turn off automatic scanning,
go to “Media Library Compilation” on page 49.)
3. Navigate to the Home screen, and select the Files menu to access files on the
USB device. See “Finding Your Content” on page 26.
To unlock a locked WD USB device:
A USB device must be unlocked for the media player to access its contents.
1. In the Unlock your WD Drive screen, press / to select OK, then press OK.
to type in the USB drive access password in
2. Use the navigation buttons
the on-screen keyboard. Select Submit, then press OK.
If a wrong password is entered, press / to select OK, press OK, then type in
the correct password. If you enter the wrong password five consecutive times,
the USB drive is placed in a hold state. Press OK to close the error message.
Disconnect the USB drive. Power cycle and reconnect the USB drive and type in
the correct access password.
3. Once the USB drive has been unlocked, the menu bar for the selected media
type will appear. Press / to choose a filter option for displaying supported
media contents, then press OK.
Supported content for the selected media type will be displayed.
4. Use the navigation buttons
to select the content you wish to access,
then press OK to start media playback.