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WD TV Live Streaming Media Player
User Manual
Recording Your WD Product Information
In the following table, write the serial and model numbers of your new WD product.
You can find this information on the label on the bottom of the device. You should
also note the date of purchase. This information may be required when requesting
technical support.
Serial Number:
MAC Address:
Model Number:
Purchase Date:
System and Software Notes:
Registering Your WD Product
Your WD product includes 30 days of free technical support during the applicable
warranty period for your product. The 30-day period commences on the date of
your first telephone contact with WD technical support. Register your WD product
online at
If your media player has an active network connnection, you can register directly
from the device using the supplied remote control (see “Using the Remote Control”
on page 41) or a USB keyboard (see “Using a USB Keyboard” on page 43). Go to
“Device Registration” on page 198 for instructions.
For information on optional accessories for this product, visit:
US or
Canada or
Europe or
All others
Contact WD Technical Support in your region. For a list of Technical Support
contacts, visit and see Knowledge Base Answer
ID 1048.