Download Miele FN 12540 S

Changing the door hinging
The appliance is supplied right-hand
hinged. If left-hand door hinging is
required, follow the instructions below.
^ Remove the cover caps from the
opposite side, and fit them into the
empty holes.
Removing the door handle:
Changing over the door:
First the side section of the handle must
be removed:
^ Open the appliance door.
^ Pull door handle a towards you. Side
section b slides back, creating a
gap d between side section b and
mounting plate c.
^ Place a suitable object (e.g. a spoon
handle) in gap d, and slowly lever
the handle towards the door.
Be careful not to let the "spoon
handle" slip, causing damage to the
^ Use a screwdriver to lever plinth a
out, then pull it forwards and out.
^ Use a screwdriver to remove cover
b, then close the door.
^ Remove screw c completely.
^ Pull door support d together with
hinge pin e downwards, then tilt it
forwards and take it off.
The side section b can now be
^ Pull side section b out of the guides
on the mounting plate.
^ Loosen the 4 screws (Torx 15) in the
mounting plate, and remove the