Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Setting Image Size, Quality and Camera Control (Video and Camera)
▼ Camera Settings
Detailed Settings
1 Shutter Speed
Select the shutter speed for the camera. NTSC: “Auto”, “1/60”, and “1/100”. PAL: “Auto”, “1/
50”, and “1/120”.
● The shutter speeds of 1/60 and 1/100 can be used to suppress flicker of fluorescent
lamp. If video view flicks too much, use “NTSC: 1/100 PAL: 1/120” in the place
where commercial frequency is 50 Hz and “NTSC: 1/60 PAL: 1/50” in the place
where commercial frequency is 60 Hz. Note that even when one of these shutter
speeds is selected, the camera automatically shifts to a higher shutter speed if the
exposure is too high with these values.
● Please refer to P.1-8 in the “Start Guide” to confirm whether your VB-C300 is
NTSC model or PAL model.
2 Focus Mode
Set the focusing mode for the camera.
Auto: Adjust the focus automatically.
Auto (for domes): When the indoor dome housing (optional) is used, select this mode
not to allow the camera to focus on the surface of the dome.
Fixed at infinity: Focus is fixed at a point of infinity.
If you are using the indoor dome housing other than optional dome housing (VBRD41S - C/S) and dust or water drop exists on the surface of the dome, the camera
may focus on the dome surface. Be sure to install the camera so that the distance
between the dome and camera may be as short as possible.