Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Setting HTTP Server, Video Server, and Audio Server (Server)
You can perform the following settings on the Server Page.
● HTTP Server: Set the HTTP port.
● Video Server: Configure settings to transmit the video from the VB-C300.
● Audio Server: Configure settings related to audio transmission.
After changing setting click “OK” to return to the Settings Title Page. If you do not
want to make any changes, click “CANCEL”.
▼ HTTP Server
1 HTTP Port
Enter 80 or 1024 to 65535 (Integer).
Normally use 80 (factory default setting).
▼ Video Server
1 Restrict Maximum Frame Rate (fps)
Mitigate the Viewer load by limiting the maximum frame rate for transmitting video in one
second. The maximum value is 30 fps (for NTSC) or 25 fps (for PAL). Enter a value from 0.1
to 30.0 (for NTSC) or 0.1 to 25.0 (for PAL) (→dStart Guide P.1-8).
2 Restrict Maximum Transmission Rate (Mbps)
Mitigate the network load by limiting the maximum data quantity transmitted in one second.
The maximum value is 10 Mbps. Select a value from 1 to 10 (Integer). If you do not want to
limit the network traffic, select “Not restricted”.
If the load on the network is high, the frame rate may be decreased.