Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Using the Administration Tools (Administration Tools)
You can perform the following settings on the Administration Tools Page.
● View, Reboot and Restore: Display and initialize the setting for the VB-C300.
▼ Display and Execution
1 View Log Events
View the historical log events of the VB-C300’s operation and connection status of NC Viewer
(→ P.4-4).
2 View Current Settings
Display a list of current settings.
3 Reboot
Reboot the VB-C300.
4 Restore Settings
Return all the settings of the camera except for the administrator password, network address
setting method, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway address, date, time, and time zone
to the factory default settings. The VB-C300 will be rebooted automatically after restoring the
Never power off the camera while the restore operation is in progress. Powering
off before completion may prevent it from starting up properly.
● It is recommended to take a note of the current settings before using the Restore
Settings option (→ P.4-12).
● You can initialize the settings using the Reset switch, however, note that all settings
will be initialized (→ P.4-9).