Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Preset Setting Tool
7 Model
The model of the camera connected is displayed.
8 Camera Parameters
Use “Pan” and “Tilt” to specify the central angle for the pan and tilt ranges you want to set.
Use “Zoom” to enter the angle for the field of view.
● Camera Angles
Set the pan position of the camera.
Set the tilt position of the camera.
Set the angle of view of the camera.
Set the backlight compensation for the camera. Select “Off” or “On”.
● Focus
Set the focusing mode for the camera. Select from “Auto”, “Auto (for domes)”, “Fixed at
infinity”, and “Manual” (→P.3-14).
VBAdmin Tools
9 Get Value button
When the “Get Value” button is clicked, the current angle and focus position (for Manual
mode) of the camera selected at the VB-C300 is retrieved as camera parameters.
!0 Apply button
Settings for current Presets are applied to the VB-C300, and you can proceed to the next
Preset setting. At this stage, the edited settings are not yet saved to the VB-C300. Be sure to
click “Save Preset Settings” to save the settings to the VB-C300.
!1 Preview button
The settings for camera parameters are reflected in the Preset Preview frame. The camera
angle for the VB-C300 also switches to this Preset and you can confirm from the NC Viewer.
!2 NC Viewer button
Start the NC Viewer.
Use this button if you want to set presets while watching actual video image via the NC Viewer.
Orient the camera toward the position for setting the preset using the NC Viewer, then click
“Get Value”, and click “Apply” to set the preset.
!3 Status list
Displays the results of communication between this tool and the VB-C300.
Warning messages are displayed in blue and error messages are displayed in red.
Edited contents will not be stored in VB-C300 at the stage when “Apply” is clicked.
After confirming the edited content, be sure to click “Save Preset Settings” to save
the settings to the VB-C300.