Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Preset Setting Tool
Setting Presets
To set presets, enter the camera parameter values or use one of the following methods. Select
the way which suits your environment or according to your preference.
To use presets with the NC Viewer, uncheck the Not shown in Viewers option.
■ Changing Settings from Preset Preview Frame
The Preset Preview frame on the panorama image can be used to set presets.
To Make Settings...
1. Select a preset to set from the Preset
Selection box and enter the preset name.
2. Set the preset by dragging and reshaping
the Preset Preview frame displayed on the
Panorama image.
Alternatively, you can click at a spot on the image
to make the center of the frame move to that point.
At this point, you can also enter and set values in
the camera parameters.
3. Click “Apply”.
Check the Status List to be sure the values were
applied correctly. Then when “Save Preset
Settings” button is clicked, the values will be saved
to the VB-C300.