Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Overview of NC Viewer Operation
Camera Information
Zoom (viewing angle) may be misaligned in the digital zoom region.
● Indicator (camera icon)
Network bandwidth of video data
● Indicator (speaker icon)
Network bandwidth of audio data reception
● Indicator (microphone icon) (Administrator only)
Network bandwidth of audio data transmission
● Restrict transmission rate
Check this option to limit the bandwidth of
video data.
NC Viewer and Viewer Switcher
● Pan
Pan angle of the camera
● Tilt
Tilt angle of the camera
● Zoom (viewing angle)
Zoom (viewing angle) angle of the camera
● Backlight compensation
On/Off status of backlight compensation
● Focus
Focus setting of the camera
● White balance
White balance setting of the camera
● Camera Model
Model name of the camera
Change display screen size
You can change the display screen size for video display. Select from “Large”, “Middle”, “Small”,
and “Minimum”.
To change screen size ...
Select “Display Size” from the View
menu bar, and select the desired size
from the menu bar that appears.
The display screen size is changed.