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b. Replace the bolt, and washer with items appropriate to the type of end
cap in use (see section D.4 for details). Ensure that the mating parts
of the sacrificial bracket are joined and the whole bracket has engaged
in its position correctly. Tighten the securing bolt using a torque
wrench set to 20 Newton Metres.
Sacrificial Bracket
Torque to 20Nm
c. Remove the 6 metre Thule securing straps. Make a general inspection
of the signal head to ensure that it is secure.
D.4 Different Fixings In the field
As a process of continuous improvement designs change and where possible
compatibility is maintained between old and new parts, however when this is not
possible, the compatibility issues that you must consider are noted in the
documentation. What follows is a description of the two types of end cap that you
may come across on product in the field, how to identify which are which and the
compatibility issues that must be considered.
Currently supplied end
cap with longer boss,
with which a longer
bolt is used
End Caps viewed from inside the signal
Previously supplied
end cap with shorter
boss for which a
shorter bolt is
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