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The halogen, CLS with LMF, CLS (NLM) and CLS ELV green arrow may have a
green arrow mask placed in a number of positions in 22.5 increments. The LED
and LED (NLM) options can have up (ahead) or left and right green arrows
PCB’s fitted as standard (these utilise sub equipment green LED PCBs) along
with a green arrow mask, but to have a green arrow in any other position, a fully
equipped green LED PCB assembly is required along with a green arrow mask.
The ELV TRAM indicator uses the same housing as other units within the
HELIOS family and can be clipped onto standard aspects or used stand alone as
required. There is no room inside the housing however to fit any ancillary
equipment. The information below is therefore not applicable to the TRAM
indicator module.
Various items may be added to the basic unit. They are assembled to bosses
moulded into the box. These are:
Tactile unit power supplies from Radix and Sedgwell
Additional 50 VA transformers for AGD drive, low voltage wait, etc.
Additional terminal blocks, e.g. STCL controller terminal, HI pole cap terminal
and MD 12-way brown blocks.
Audio drive kit.
Fixing positions for these items are shown in Figure 96.
Positions for fitting overhead detector sockets are provided in recesses – three to
each side. These recesses may also be used for the side box mounted cable
conduit. See Figure and Figure .
Solar cell bosses are located on the top of the module.
Helios modular signals are compatible with existing pole drillings.
Note: Fibre optic arrows cannot be fitted to Helios signs. The new type of lens
and mask renders fibre optics unnecessary and the 200 mm arrow takes
the place of the old fibre optic.
2.1.1 Installation at a new site
Where there are no existing signals to be replaced, it is possible to specify the
combination of modules required and have them delivered in a largely preassembled state.
This method is suitable where the STS drawing is available.
2.1.2 Upgrading an existing site
Helios signals are a significant improvement on the “Mellor” and “HITS” type of
signals. Due to the visual differences, it is not recommended that different types
be mixed on the same signal pole.
Sub-assemblies are available to expand a signal head, e.g. to add a side box. It
is important to ensure that the correct backing boards (e.g. four-in-line), hoods
and brackets are called for.
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