Download Siemens S6 GSM User manual

Select ‘New Connection’ and enter a name for the Remote Connection which you are now creating.
(ex. My Service Provider). As driver choose the ‘Standard 9600 bps Modem‘ which you have installed
in the previous section of this document.
In the next window enter the area code and telephone of your target access point (i.e. your service
provider) and confirm. Once the new connection information has been entered it is created as an icon
under ‘Desktop – Remote Network’ with the user defined name (i.e. My Service Provider)
Select the newly created icon (‘My Service Provider’) and enter your username and password to
connect to your remote target. Dial and enjoy remote access via your Siemens COMBISET GSM.
5 Using an Internet Browser
Once the Combiset has been installed (see Section 3) it will operate like a normal modem. To enable
Internet connection a variety of possible combinations of Software, Drivers and Protocol configurations
exists as public as well as proprietary configurations of Service Providers, Network Operators and
Software Companies. Hence reference should be made to these parties for specific application
assistance. Here follows an example of at least one possible way to setup an Internet Browser
It entails creating a ‘Remote Access Connection’ of type ‘PPP’ on TCP/IP network protocol and then
running Netscape Navigator (V4.06) as your Internet browser application over this connection.