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Scanning many originals at once (Job Build)
A stack of originals higher than the
indicator line on the automatic document
feeder cannot be fed through the feeder.
The job build function lets you divide the
stack of originals into sets, feed each set,
and send the sets as a single
Sending two pages as a single page (2in1)
Use this function to reduce two original
pages to half their size and send them as
a single page.
This is a special function in Internet fax
1 234
The machine also has these functions
For detailed information on each of these functions, see "SPECIAL MODES" and "INTERNET FAX RECEPTION
FUNCTIONS" in "5. SCANNER / INTERNET FAX" in the Operation Guide.
• Sending an image at a specified time (Timer Transmission)*
• Storing scan operations (Program)
• Scanning thin originals (Slow Scan Mode)
• Scanning originals of different sizes (Mixed Size Original)
• Checking the number of scanned original sheets before transmission (Original Count)
• Stamping scanned originals (Verification Stamp)
• Changing the print settings for the transaction report (Transaction Report)
• Forwarding a received Internet fax to a network address (Inbound Routing Settings)*
* Does not appear when the printer expansion kit with hard drive is not installed.