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Support for Wireless AP
Wireless AP diagnostics by Telnet
Support for Wireless AP
Wireless AP diagnostics by Telnet
For security reasons, Telnet is disabled by default. Only enable it in order to perform
a diagnostic session. When finished, disable Telnet again.
As a support tool to perform diagnostic debugging of the Wireless AP, the capability to access
the Wireless AP by Telnet has been provided.
Normally Telnet is disabled and should be disabled again after diagnostics. This process should
only be used by support services.
The process to enable Telnet access has two steps.
Use the AP Registration screen to set up password configuration for Telnet on the Wireless AP:
In the Telnet Access Password entry field, key in the password for a Telnet session. To
confirm the password, key it in again.
To send the password information to all registered Wireless APs, click on the Save button.
Use the AP Properties screen, to enable Telnet on a selected Wireless AP.
A31003-W1010-A100-1-7619, July 2005
HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software V3.0: User Guide